Key Rule Changes

Experience = Gold

Experience comes solely from treasure. A small treasure hoard (as per the DMG) is an easy encounter’s worth of XP. A medium hoard, a medium encounter. And so on.

You do have to get the treasure back into town, however, for it to count.

House Rules

I am also running an Adventurer’s League game, which disallows house rules, To make life easier for me, I am not using any house rules in this game.


Thule is a bronze age world set in the ruins of an iron-age one.

This tech level means that some armour and weapons are just not available.

For example, the knight in plate armour on a warhorse doesn’t exist. Stirrups haven’t been invented (so no lances), no-one makes full-plate armour, and while horses do exist, there aren’t the open plains that make big horses useful.


Dwarves smiths consider all steel weapons to be theirs. They are the only ones who know the secret of making steel, and they don’t share. If a Dwarf gives a steel weapon or armour to a non-Dwarf, they will often require a tattoo or brand to identify the owner. When the owner of a steel item dies, the Dwarven smith expects the item to be returned.

When a Dwarven smith or merchant sees a non-Dwarf with a steel weapon, they will sometimes demand to see the tattoo or brand. Failure to prove ownership will often result in violence.

Even if the weapon is Atlantean, not Dwarven, Dwarf smiths still claim ownership. As far as they are concerned, all steel belongs to them.

Key Rule Changes

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