Character Creation Rules

Ability Scores

Either use the 15-14-13-12-10-8 block or use the point buy system on page 13 of the PHB. Note that with the point buy system, the maximum for one stat (before racial modifier) is 15 and the minimum is 8.

Fame, Power, Sanity

These are ability scores added to the game.

Fame is whether or not someone has heard of you. Power is your rank, authority, influence, and social standing. In many situations, Fame or power can stand in for Charisma.

Sanity is your mental strength. It is a resource that will be eroded over time.

You have 10 points to spend on these three ability scores, using the point-buy costs in the PHB.

Hit Points

Maximum HP at 1st level. Each level after that you can choose to take the average value or to roll. If you roll low then you have to keep the value.


Non-evil alignments only. Your PCs are the good guys. They might be selfish, self-serving, violent, racist, sexist, speceisist, or whatever — but they are still the good guys.


Thule is a very human-centric campaign setting. Only some of the races in the PHB, EE and SCAG are available to play.

Available Races.


Only some of the classes in the PHB, EE and SCAG are available to play.

Available Classes


These replace backgrounds.

Your narrative is your character’s place in the world. It gives you character some skills and bonuses, possibly some followers, possibly some income.

Like a background, it suggests traits, ideals, bonds and flaws.

A character’s narrative is usually obvious to onlookers. For example, a townsman probably can’t tell the difference between a fighter and a ranger and a rogue, but they can tell the difference between a noble and a pirate and a pit fighter.

Character Narratives

Character Creation Rules

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