Character Narratives

Narratives at-a-glance

NarrativeBest for . . .Description
Atlantean NobleFighter, wizardHero from an aristocratic family
Bearer of the Black BookSorcerer, warlock, wizardMaster of a legendary artifact
BeastfriendBarbarian, druid, rangerHero with an animal companion
Dhari HunterBarbarian, ranger, rogueSavage-born hunter, tracker, guide
Free BladeFighter, rogueFreebooter or mercenary
Golden Sea CorsairBarbarian, rogueBold pirate
Guardian of the NineCleric, druidEnemy of the Great Old Ones
Ice ReaverBarbarian, fighterBerserk warrior from the icy north
Initiate of MysteriesClericMember of priestly order
Jungle TraderBard, rogueResourceful explorer and caravan leader
Katagian Pit FighterFighterArena fighter or gladiator
MyrmidonFighter, rangerElite soldier
Occult ScientistWizardScholar combining studies of magic and weird science
PanjandrumCleric, rogueJudge, agent, or official
QuodethiThief Ranger, rogueMember of a powerful thieves’ guild
Sacred SlayerCleric, rogueHoly assassin
SoothsayerCleric, wizardSeer and adviser
Star-Lore AdeptWarlock, wizardDabbler in forbidden lore
Tribal OutcastBarbarian, druid, rangerWanderer who can’t go home
Escaped SlaveHuman, barbarian, fighter, rogueBeginning a free life
Time-Lost AdventurerAnyTraveller from another world


Escaped Slave and Time-Lost Adventurer are in the Player’s Companion. The others are in the Campaign Setting.

Sample traits, ideals, bonds and flaws for all the narratives are in the Player’s Companion.


Atlantean Noble: At level 1, add proficiency in a Gaming Set or a Musical Instrument.

Free Blade: At level 1, add proficiency in Vehicles (Land) or Vehicles (Water).

Golden Sea Corsair: At level 1, add proficiency in Vehicles (Water).

Jungle Trader: At level 1, you may replace Sleight Of Hand with either Performance or Animal Handling.

Quodethi Thief: At level 1, you may replace Acrobatics with Athletics and you may replace Deception with Intimidation.

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Character Narratives

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