The Lost Tower of Viondar

The Legend of the Golden Ghost

A Nimothan warship with ragged yellow sails and shields of gold along its gunwales, it is often seen as a glint on the horizon in the setting sun. Those who have managed to overtake it have been dismayed to see a flying ship, sailing on a clinging mist many fathoms above the waves, glowing with a curious light. Ships that draw too close have their hulls torn apart from under them as though running aground in the middle of the sea, leaving only shipwrecked castaways to spread their dubious tales.

The ship’s tattered ensign bears the mark of the corsair Bruneval, who plundered his way across the seas long ago. He was a scourge to Nimothan refugees fleeing their land during the coming of the great glaciers that entombed Nimoth. Many tales claim that the holds of the Golden Ghost are filled with the loot of Bruneval’s many victims, or that maps and charts holding clues to secret caches ashore might be found on board. The lure of Bruneval’s gold has drawn many to seek the ghost ship, but none have brought her home.

Captain Bruneval’s Diary

Once deciphered, the journal includes maps of what Bruneval called “The Dragon’s Maw,” a series of sea stacks and natural arches that marked the bay where the Dauthur River flows into the Sea of Mists.

It relates his 5 day trek upriver, including signs that giants inhabited the area (though he and his crew did not meet them) and an encounter with “icy sentinels” that guarded the river approaches to the Tower of Viondor (though he does not say exactly what the icy sentinels were, his descriptions sound like spellcasters using cold magic or maybe elemental creatures).

The journal then describes subterranean heated caverns, and domes with beautiful floral gardens. It also contains a half-dozen strange dried blossoms pressed between its pages, which were taken from the mysterious gardens beneath Viondor.

The final entries in the log are hurried, written in haste. Captain Bruneval and his men stole a number of artifacts, which angered the “icy guardians”. He and his crew fled downriver, pursued all the way.

When they reached The Dragon’s Maw, their ship became stuck as the bay froze around it. Desperate, the corsairs threw all the artifacts overboard. This had no effect. In desperation, the panicked crew slew Captain Bruneval and threw his body overboard as well. The ice threw the body back onboard, animating it with a vile energy. The undead captain slew all of his crew.

The final entry reads:
We are cursed. We cannot die. The afterlife is denied to us. All we can do is roam the sea, trapped in ice, until warm bodies come near. Then we hunger and we wake and we kill, and my crew gains more damned souls. We are cursed.

The Lost Tower of Viondar

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